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Whether in Namibia or Berlin, I am at home where my feet are. I traveled the world, spending time with all kinds of people from all corners of the world.  Through all these enriching experiences, one question kept coming up: Why do some manage to live a life in fulfillment and happiness while others don't?! 

My biggest realization was that it has nothing to do with prosperity or the fulfillment of social principles. It is all about which perspective we look at our story. Either we are aware of ourselves, know our history and stand by it, or we are constantly in 'proving mode' fighting for our own value. Today, as a Life Coach, I help my clients to change their perspective, overcome their guilt, find healing and create a living and fulfilling life.

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selbstbewusstsein und glückliche beziehung
selbstwert steigern und selbstbewusst leben
selbstbewusstsein steigern und glückliche beziehung führen
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